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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Denver Colorado  CSPAN  August 1, 2016 4:17am-5:13am EDT

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i'm a delegate for bernie and i'm 21. so this is my first convention. i'm the state directer of college students for bernie and i am really excited to be here. my generation and the millenials we're now about the same size as the baby boomers and it's really important for us to shout out. so i'm having a great time at the convention and looking forward to the rest of it. >> donald trump made a campaign stop friday in denver, colorado where he shared his thoughts on the democratic convention. he also spoke about his own campaign moving forward. this is just under an hour.
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mr. trump: big crowd. woah. this is beautiful. thank you everybody, thank you. thank you very much. what an honor. do we all love denver? yes. yes. thank you very much. we had at an interesting period of time. we had a little bit of a good evening last night, watching, right?
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no? the numbers just came out for the big thursday. they call it big thursday. i spoke last week and hillary -- sometimes referred to as crooked hillary -- spoke last night. she is crooked. and we had come i think it was 35 million, and they had less, like 33 or something. in other words, we had ore. and i have sort of been saying that, and a happy tell you, both numbers are great numbers. do not forget, on the debate, it was 24 million internet was a record. when you have 35 million people watching, those are big, big numbers. but the republican convention outdrew the democratic convention on the big thursday night. good, right? that's good. it's always good. always good. ok. so, we have to go over some numbers because hillary was
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talking last night about how wonderful everything is. he did not talk about all of the unbelievable long-term unemployment. she did not talk about the fact that house ownership is the lowest it has been in 51 years. amazing. that is a heck of a number. who heard of that? she did not talk about the fact hat we had more police shootings over the last year -- nobody has ever seen anything like what we have going on. over 50% from the previous year. she makes it sound like everything is rosy dory. it is not. people are pouring across the border, we have no idea what they are. people are coming in from syria, and you see what is
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happening with nice. and a beloved priest, he has is throat slit and dies. and you know what? our country has enough problems. we do not need more problems, and that is going to be more roblems. you know, should we read the snake? should we? does anybody know the snake? should we do it? ok. everybody says would you do it -- who has heard the snake? who has heard it? let me put it differently -- who has not heard it? a lot of people. we will do it. but have to tell you -- last night was sort of unbelievable.
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i went home and i thought it hillary was not going to mention trump because i thought it would be a class thing to do. she mentioned me 22 times. 22. the truth is it was a little bit on the boring side, ouldn't you say? i do not think it register. we will see. with the republican convention, i got a big balance. one of the biggest bounces in any years. but we will see. the speech was really lies. one of the things that she talked about was the rough and tumble campaign. you know what this is? this is a speech writer writing a speech, and she read it, and that is what it is. i hate to say this -- politico -- they kill me all the
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time. but they did not give her high marks. they said it was cliché after cliché. one of the things they said -- a tough and tumble campaign -- now, we have created a ovement. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: look, i mean look at this place. cheers and applause] mr. trump: nobody has seen anything like this. what is that behind me? that is pretty tough-looking. but we have created a movement. everybody said this is one of
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the great campaigns they have ever seen. i mean, look -- you were the forgotten man and woman, i was the guy who has never done this before. i have a great success. i have enjoyed my life. i have a wonderful family. by the way, did my family do a ood job? cheers and applause] mr. trump: you know, they were talking about the star power. i saw the star power. big star power. they were talking about the star power that they had at the democratic convention. it should be democrat convention. sounds better when you say democratic. the we maybe shouldn't make it sound better, so we should call the democratic. but they were talking about the star power. lenny tell you, i think -- let me tell you, i think my kids have more star power, i really o.
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mr. trump: they had a general named john allen, i never met him, and he got up and started talking about trump, trump, trump. never met him. you know who he is? he is a failed general. he was the general fighting isis. i would say he has not done so well, right? not so well. and they had other people, what difference does it make? it was hit after hit after hit. and i said -- i'm going to hit them back so hard. i am going to hit them back so hard, and i will do it verbally, on television, twitter. now between facebook and twitter, 22 million people. can you believe it? that is a force.
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-- 22 million. the last day, we picked up 100,000. we have a force. we will hit them back so hard, and a cnn put on "trump is going to hit them." i mean, i will hit them with his, the lips, verbally. "trump hitting" -- these people re so dishonest. they are so dishonest. a friend of mine calls me up and he is a governor, a great governor. highly respected. i said, you know, we had guys and people that said really bad things about me and he said, donald, don't do anything. you got the nomination. you will beat hillary clinton. focus on hillary clinton.
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[cheers and applause] mr. trump: but i said, i really want to hit back. i don't mean this. i mean this. i really want to hit them. we will do a verbal lashing on them. and he said, don't do it. don't do it. so, maybe i will do just a little bit, right? i will do it just a little. we just left two other parts of colorado, which is a great state. i'm here a lot anyway, even without this stuff. i have so many friends here. and we have to win the state on ovember 8. we have to. we have to. mr. trump: and i am going to be here a lot. in fact, i will be here so much that you people will say, we will vote for you, do not come
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back here anymore. right? we will have some fun. but i enjoyed watching it last night. somebody said how was hillary? average. not bad, not good. a lot of shouting. he said "she sucks." not the most exciting speech. whose a speech was better -- ine or hers? they say that. you know what they say, the haters -- they are the world's ost dishonest. they are the world's most ishonest people. show them the crowd over there. show them the crowd. show them the crowd.
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and this is my third one today. you think this is fun? do you think so? but actually, i am actually having a great time. we have great people in this country. we have unbelievable people and we are going to make america great again. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i got a kick last night -- go ahead. u.s.a. mr. trump: you hear that sound? it sounds like you are watching a big football game, right? denver! good team, good defense. ood defense.
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and you know what? john elway is a great guy. i played golf with him a long time ago. he is long, he is strong. he has done a good job. great defense. i think you will do great, right? my wife will always say, darling, did you have a big crowd tonight? and she said because the never show the crowd, but boy, it sounds it. you cannot imitate that noise with 100 people. cheers and applause] mr. trump: amazing. you can't imitate that. that is called the real deal. no matter where we go, we have crowds.
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the crowds are only restrained by the size of the buildings. and sometimes -- now we're using an air museum -- good lace, i guess. but it is only restrained by that. but when i heard some of the statistics last night -- and i enjoyed -- i thought chelsea did a nice job. chelsea likes ivanka and ivanka likes chelsea. i wish they did not like each other, but they do. it is easier if they do not like each other. you would think that relationship would be strained, but they like each other. i thought chelsea did a nice job last night, ok? i really did. but that is another subject. hillary said all sorts of wonderful things like we are doing great. here are numbers that came out today. this came out just a little while ago. today we got new growth numbers.
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1.2% for the second quarter. growth. wait. this is the weakest recovery in modern history. oh, did she say that last night? i don't think so. yesterday, i said this before, the rate of home ownership, people who own their own homes, is the lowest level it has been in 51 years. did hillary say that last night? no, i do not think so. under president obama -- oh, i like that better. keep the lights up. it just went down 20 degrees. wow. and the audience is even bigger now. i can see the audience. oh, i like this. cheers and applause] mr. trump: i miss my protesters.
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i miss my protesters. you know, my protesters, they were really bernie protesters. they were really bernie protesters. thank you. oh, look at that. look at that. it is the remnants of a bernie protester. the vital remnants. that's ok. did you see bernie last night, how angry he was? i do not like to see that. it is bad for your health. he was so angry, they were talking about him, and he was scowling, and his wife put her hand on his shoulder and he did not move, and she took it off. because she could see -- you know why? he sold his soul to the devil. hat's right. he sold his soul to the devil. he should not have made that deal. and as soon as she picked this
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vice president -- do you know what his first move was in virginia? to raise taxes by $4 billion. and unemployment almost doubled in virginia while he was governor. and he is not popular in virginia now. and we going to win virginia. i think we're going to win virginia. i have a lot of property in virginia. a lot of property, a lot of employees, a pay them a lot of money. i figured she would pick somebody who was popular. they do not like him in virginia. but he raised taxes by $4 billion the first week when he as governor. i do not think that is a good candidate. i do not think so. i like our candidate, right? governor mike pence. indiana has done so well.
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we like mike. we do. we do. mike is a great guy. ok, so, the rate of home ownership is the lowest it has been in 51 years. president obama during his term has doubled our national debt. we're going to very soon be up to $20 trillion. the u.s. trade deficit -- these are things to the best of my knowledge -- i have a very good memory. people know me for my memory. or i could not do this without teleprompters. hillary, hillary, teleprompters. you know, she has 10 people in a room and she has a teleprompter. oh, boy. so, listen to this. isten to this. the u.s. trade deficit in goods reached nearly $800 billion last year.
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$800 billion. we have a trade deficit of nearly $800 billion. did hillary mention that last night? did hillary mention about all of the police -- and we love our police and we love our law enforcement. cheers and applause] mr. trump: did hillary mention about all of the police that have been shot? i don't think so. did hillary -- did you see the first night, there was no american flag? the second night, there was no american flag. then i put out the word, there is no american flag. then they ran out. they do not really want the flag. the final night, they overdid it. so many flags you could not walk on the stage. they overdid it. but that is like the police. they did not mention the police.
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they mentioned everybody but the police. then people wrote stories about how they did not talk about the police. they mention them the final night. anyway, long-term unemployment is the worst it has been since the 1940's. did hillary mention that last night? unbelievable numbers. think of this one -- oh wow, it is too depressing, should i read it? 23.8 million americans in their prime earning years are now out f the labor force. not good. another 14 million americans left the labor force. nearly four in 10 african-american children are living in poverty. hile 58% -- think of this -- 58% of african-american youth are not employed.
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58%. obama has done a great job, hasn't he? median -- i mean, think of this -- median household income has fallen by more than $4000. $4000. we have people standing in this room who made more money in real wages 18 years ago than they are making today. they did not work as hard, they were a hell of a lot younger. it should be the other way around. and we lost our jobs, we lost our companies, and we will not let it happen anymore. we're going to get out jobs back, we are going to bring our companies back. we're not going to let our companies leave us anymore, not without repercussions. it is terrible. i mean, it is terrible. these are all statistics. i could go on and on.
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don't forget, they said that donald trump's speech -- i thought i delivered it well. but what they did is they said it was dark. they said it was dark. but actually it was not dark. it was optimistic because i talked about the problem and we are going to fix the problems. for example, radical islamic errorism is a problem. mr. trump: big problem. that is a big problem. radical islamic terrorism. hillary did not discuss that too much. so, we are bringing in thousands of people from syria. we do not know who they are. we do not know where they come from. there is no paperwork, there is
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no way of vetting them and they are being placed here, and all over the country, and mostly the officials do not know where they are placing them because it is supposed to be a big, beautiful secret. it is not a big, beautiful secret. and hillary clinton has stated very strongly -- now she will change. just like now she wants to renegotiate trade deals. now all the sudden after 30 years, she wants to renegotiate trade deals. her husband signed nafta, the worst trade deal in the history f the world. so, hillary clinton wants to increase syrian migrants coming into our country that we don't know who they are by 550%. no way.
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o way. but you know, i do laugh because she is on a new kick, and the new kick is -- you know, i call her bad judgment, everything she touches is not ood. you look at libya, the migration, syria, the iran deal which she started, every single -- benghazi, look at what happened there. the 3:00 in the morning commercial, remember? who do you want at that phone at 3:00 in the morning? i do not want her at that phone. then she lied like a dog on her e-mails. she lied like a dog on her e-mails. she showed great negligence in what happened.
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the word is negligence. he put us all at risk. here is the secretary of state with a server that she is not upposed to have. up"] mr. trump: so, i tell you what i would rather do, honestly. i would rather just, november , beat her at the polls. we got to beat her. she would be a disaster. remember this -- justices of the united states supreme court. whoever the next president is, you're going to have at least two, maybe three, even four,
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might be five -- it could be an all-time record in the history of the presidency. if she gets her appointment, we are going to be venezuela. we're going to be venezuela. we cannot do that. one thing i have to say, i was telling you about bernie sanders. they say it is one of the great stories and history of politics. what is happening here is great, but the same thing is happening no matter where we go. i have the messenger. you know, i am the messenger of being smart, common sense, of not being ripped off by every country in the world. we are the messengers. of having strong borders. would anybody like to see the wall get built? yes?
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mr. trump: 100%. 100%. 100%. 100% it gets built. you know, these politicians come up to me and they go, donald, i do not understand, you cannot build the wall, can you? we build 95 story buildings. you cannot build a wall, can you? do you see that ceiling? we do not have to go much higher than that. that is up there. usually, i am looking at a ceiling a lot taller. a lot taller than 12. that would be a good solid wall. anybody that gets up is not getting down so easily, right? we're going to build a wall. these politicians come up to me and they say, you really can't build a wall.
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you're just kidding, aren't you? i do not kid. i do not kid. let me tell you. we will build a wall and i explained to them that 2000 years ago, the great wall of china was built, and it is 13,000 miles long. we need 1000 miles and we have caterpillar tractors, right? how easy is this? we have a lot of natural borders. we have a lot of natural stuff. we will need about 1000 miles. that will go up so fast, your head will spin. your head will spin. and, you know, i was endorsed -- i was endorsed by the border patrol agents. first time in the history -- 16,500 border patrol agents -- i was endorsed by the great heriff joe arpaio. nobody knows better than sheriff joe. nobody knows better than sheriff joe. and he endorsed me. we have tremendous ndorsements.
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but i will tell you, look -- i said to the top people, they called and said, mr. trump, we are endorsing you. mr. trump, they are not doing the job, they are not letting us to our job. how important is the wall? they said, mr. trump, the wall is vital. it is a great tool. he will be the best tool for protection. we have to stop the drugs from coming in. we have to stop illegals from pouring across our border. you know, let me tell you -- one of the interesting things -- so, the president of mexico was being interviewed and he said -- the past president -- and he said there is no way
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they are going to build -- and then you know what happened. he used the f bomb, on live television. on that station right there. he used the f bomb. no, no, no. he used the f bomb. can you imagine if i used the f bomb? it would be over. it would be over. he said, that wall will never -- f bomb -- ever get built. and i said, that is great news. before they were going some a -- so many different levels. now he says it will not be paid for by them. here's what is going to happen -- we are going to build the wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall 100%. 00%. we're going to stop the drugs
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from pulling into our country and poisoning our youth. we are going to stop people that aren't supposed to be here from coming into our country. that is going to happen. so, people like this -- and i have done it a few times, eople like it. this was actually a song written al wilson quite a while ago. and i heard this and i said, this really pertains to what we talk about when we talk about illegal immigration. so i said, you know, let me do this. i read it a couple of times and people love it. should i do it? t is called "the snake." and remember, this pertains to people coming across the border and people coming in from syria.
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we have no idea what they are. remember -- they cut the heads off people. they drown people in steel cages by the thousands. they are cutting off heads. this is like medieval times. and then they say to me during one of the debates they talk about water boarding. i say i'm ok with it, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. can you imagine -- can you imagine. waterboarding sort of became famous. you know why? cause they felt it was torture. it -- i'm not saying it's pleasant. but believe me, it works. how about these guy whose say it all doesn't work. ok? it works. so they asked during one of the
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debates, ted cruz, who was standing alongside of me. and he was very uncomfortable with the question. then they went -- by the way, was that a display of love, speaking of ted cruz? when they booed him off that stage -- seriously. when they booed him off that stage, the entire texas delegation booed him off that stage. let me tell you, say what you want, they didn't cover it that way because they're so dishonest but that's when you knew the party was united. this party is united. right? it really is. other than a few guys who let's face it it was the toughest they say primary ever fought. number one, we had 17 people.
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17. and number two, we had trump. and trump, we have to win. we have to win. remember when i came in and these pundits one of them sitting back there now. these pundits said he will never run. he will never run. then i ran. he said well, then they said but he will never do good and he is just doing it for fun. he is just having a good time. i mean, it's 120 degrees under those crazy lights. do you know what time i get home tonight? 4:00 in the morning. it's fun. but it is fun because we're going to do something that has never really been done before in this country. when bill o'reilley, the smart guy, tough guy, and others say it was the single greatest political phenomena that he has itnessed in his lifetime, he's
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seen a lot, that's what's happened. that's what's happened. so remember -- and we started off at 6% and these pundits that get paid a lot of money and they're usually wrong. but they said he got 6%. 6 y don't realize i only got %, but i started late. 6% will be his dealing, ok. they speak with security. so donald trump gets 6% the first week. next week i get 12%. ah. he got 12%. a little higher than i thought but that will be his ceiling. he will not get higher than that. 27, week 18%, then 22, 30%, 32, 36.
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then i get 38%. and every single time they say that will be his ceiling. but now when i'm hitting 30s and everyone else is low, really low like 2%, 1%, 0%. how about the zeros? you had some zeros. that means out of millions and millions of people nobody voted him. nobody. go home. get out. ok, go. and they were among the nastiest of people. can you believe it? they were the nastiest ones, the ones that said zero. then i hit 38%, 42, and i will never forget one of the people -- i hit 42% and they were like 10 people left, 10 people. and they said, he hit 42%. but he cannot break 50. how many times, he cannot break
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50%. he cannot break 50%. i got ten people. senators, governors. i mean, ben carson who by the way is a great guy. he endorsed me. smart guy, good guy. ben carson. o i get 42% and i have these idiots saying he may have 42% but he doesn't have 50. but we have ten people left. so here's the story. we then get more and more and more. we do a number. and i will the tell you what, it's a great, great feeling. but a lot of feelings were hurt. because people say it was the nastiest, the meanest, the hardest primary ever fought in the history of our country that they know of. might have been tougher before television but how could it be because when you can say
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something on television you reach everybody at one time. you call somebody a certain name and everybody hears it at one time. so look, so some of these people haven't recovered. but slowly but surely. marco rubio, he endorsed me last week. strong endorsement. and he's a good guy and he's running in florida for the senate and he is going to win and i'm going to win in florida. but i've got to win here. o now i start off here i get here, and they're all sort of like saying, but trump never did this before. and then one of the people that was running has been out of office for a while and they said but he hasn't been in office for eight years. and they don't say that about trump. i've never been in office. so they gave him a pass. they don't give me a pass.
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so now we're down to the final. i get a call from a big reporter, the biggest, happens o be a slight liberal, but that's ok. he said what you've done has never been done before. and i say no i disagree with that. he said no, no, no. it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, you will be in the history books for what you've done. and i said let me stop you right there. i don't win -- meaning if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton -- she is as crooked as a $3 bill. if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton, i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy, and money. believe me. i'm not looking to be in the history books. unless it's at the top where we do something great. and that's what we're going to
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do. we're going to make our country great again. but we're going to make safe again. safe again. i found this. not a lot of people know it but i think it's terrific and remember this has to do really with syrians coming across. and just so you understand, i have a big heart. i want to build safe zones in syria for the syrians. i want to get the gulf states to pay for it because they're not doing anything right now. and without us they wouldn't be there for two minutes and they have nothing but money. nothing but money. we owe $20 trillion. we don't need -- i put my developer hat on. we're going to use other people's money and we're going to build safe zones. and those safe zones are going to be funded by other countries
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nearby that have lots and lots of money and we'll supervise it. but think of this. so this is people coming in. we don't know who they are. but we do know there's going to be trouble. it's only a question of when. on her way to work one morning down the path along the lake a tender hearted woman saw a half-frozen really beautiful snake. oh well, she cried, i'll take you in and i'll take care of you. now, you have to understand, folks, this is a snake that is in bad shape. and you have this really nice wofment and she goes, a tender hearted woman saw a half-frozen snake. his pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the due. oh well, she cried, i'll take
4:59 am
you in and i'll take care of you. take me in oh tender woman, take me in for heavens' snake. take me in oh tender woman sighed the broken snake. she wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk. now she hurried home from work that night. as soon as she arrived she found that pretty snake shed taken in had been revived. take me in oh tender woman. take me in for heaven's sake. take me in oh tender woman sigh it had broken snake. now she clutched him to her bosom, you're so beautiful she cried. but if i hadn't brought you in by now you certainly might have died. now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held
5:00 am
him tight. but instead of saying thank -- that snake gave hear her a vicious bite. take me in, oh tender woman. take me in for heaven's sake. take me in oh tender woman sighed the vicious snake. i saved you, cried that woman, and you've bit me, heavens why? you know your bite is poisonous and now i'm going to die. h shut up, silly woman, said the rep tile with a grin. you knew damned well i was a snake before you took me in. that's where we are. that's where we are. right?
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that's where we are. you watch. you watch. so we don't want to be the stupid country any more. we want to be the smart country. we're going to make great trade deals. i read the numbers with trade. $800 billion in trade deficits last year. with china alone the greatest abuser of them all and i don't hold it against china. china's great. i love china. i do business with china. i have the largest bank in the world as a tenant in one of my buildings in manhattan. it's a chinese bank. it's the biggest in the world. we sell condos, the bank of america building in san francisco is mine with a partner. 1290 avenues of the americas, one of the biggest buildings in manhattan is mine with a partner all comes with china.
5:02 am
we can do great with china. but we have stupid people representing us. stupid, stupid people. so here's what's going to happen. we are going to build and bring our best. look, we have the greatest business people in the world, better than any place else. we don't use them. we use political hacks. some of these business people are not nice people. some of these people are vicious, horrible, miserable human beings. who cares? who cares? some of these people they don't sleep at night. they twist and turn and sweat and their mattress is soaking wet because they're thinking all night about victory the next day against some poor person that doesn't have a chance. and these people unfortunately
5:03 am
i know them all. these people would love to represent us against china, against japan, against all of these countries, mexico where they're killing us at the border and they're killing us in trade. we have a massive trade deficit with mexico not including the drugs that go back and forth by the billions. that's not including the drugs. we have the greatest business people in the world. they would do it for nothing. they still love this quountry. they feel crazy, they feel so angry. they can't believe the deals that are made. we can do things that have never been done before. we'll save open trade. one of the reporters asked me a couple weeks ago, mr. trump do you believe in free trade? yep, i believe in free trade.
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i believe in fair drade. i believe in ten other forms of trade. but the bottom line, if you really know, my deal is that i just don't want labels. i want to make great deals with individual countries for our country so that we create jobs and we take in money. basically, i want great deals. that's what i want. nd that's what we'll have. so free trade, interesting. free trade is wonderful. but to have free trade we need smart people on our side. we don't use our smart people. or we use people that are totally controlled by lobbyists and special interests. like hillary clinton. hillary clinton is bought and paid for by wall street. now, i put up almost 60 million for the primaries, which sounds like a lot of money, but others
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spent $200 million and they lost. what would you rather do, would you rather be on the side of the person who spent the least money and won, or the most money and lost? who do you want as your president? i mean, we had people that spent much more money than me and they came in seventh place. i spent relatively little money, i put it up myself, and came in first place. but not only first place. 14 million people is the highest vote total in the history of the republican party. huge. and i won massive amounts of states that we ran the table it was a beautiful thing. t look, we want to have free trade. and our companies want to deal. but you know that china sends
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all their stuff in. we can't send our stuff to china. we can't free trade. and the currency manipulation is unacceptable. and then on top of everything else, in the south china sea, they're building a massive military fortress that they're not supposed to be building because they have absolutely no respect for us. so all of that is going to change. so here's the story. are you ready? we don't win any more as a country. we used to win. when i was in school, like in high school, they say we never lost a war. our country never lost a war. we never lost at anything. now we only lose. we go and we fight these wars like iraq we should have never gone in, i was against it from the beginning i said you'll destabilize the middle east. but i was a business guy, nobody cared. it was just common sense. you had iran and iraq always
5:07 am
fighting. nobody moving because they were the same power. then we decimated one power. now iran will take over iraq. they've already essentially already taken over iraq. and we made it possible for them. ok. so here's the story. we don't win any more. but we're going to start winning again. our military is depleted. we're going to build it up. it's going to be a thing of beauty. we're going to get other countries and we're going to knock the hell out of isis. believe me. we have no choice. we as part of our military are going to take great care of our wonderful veterans that are eing treated terribly. we are going to start winning with trade. we're going to make great trade deals. we're not going to let carrier
5:08 am
air conditioner andford and all of these other companies -- we're not going to let them go to mexico and other countries, fire all their people, make their product, then send it back into our country and sell it to us. we get unemployment and no taxes. no. when they make their product and they want to leave and they want to fire our great people, they can go and i will wish them luck. but when they send their product back into our country they're going to pay a tax from that product and a substantial tax. and they will never ever leave in the first place. they're never going to leave in the first place. they're never going to leave in the first place. all right. so we're going to make great trade deals. we're going to save our second amendment which is totally under seige. ok? totally under seige. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare so much less
5:09 am
expensive. so much. e are going to terminate the horrible common core and you're going to educate your children locally. we're going to have powerful, beautiful, strong borders and people are going to come in to our country but they're going to come into our country legally. legally. legally. and we are going to start winning again. we're going to win so much that you are going to get sick and tired of winning. we are going to make the denver broncos look like a team that doesn't even do so well by our
5:10 am
winning percentage. ok? we're going to win with trade. we're going to win at the border. we're going to win with the second amendment. we're going to win with education. we're going to win with our military. and we're going to win for our vets. we're going to win for our vets. and all of my friends in denver and all of my friends in colorado, you're going to come and you're going to say mr. president, we'd like to meet with you in the white house. because mr. president, you're winning too much. it's no good, mr. president. we're not used to it in our country. we never won. and now you're winning too much. mr. president, sir, please don't win so much. and i'm going to say, i'm sorry. we're going to keep winning.
5:11 am
we're going to win, win, win. we're going to win so much and maybe you're not going to like it but we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america greater than ever before. we're going to make america safer, safer, safer than ever before. thank you very much. i love you. thank you. go out and vote. [cheers and applause] >> go out and vote november 8th. go out and vote. thank you. cheers and applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
5:12 am
one of their stops was a family-owned business about 80 miles outside of columbus where they were headed for a campaign rally.